Lymphodrenage is light, soothing massage designed for purification and evulsion of the waste matter from the whole body. Its done by hand with the help of special moves without the use of any creams or lotions. The main point is to empty the lymphatic nodules and after that the special shifting moves are put to work.

Characteristics of a lymp : Its a liquid that is found especially under the skin and includes waste matter, toxins and harmful matter, that the muscles produce with their activity.

Lymphodrenage is great for the removal of swellings on both hands and soles, for the purification of the whole organism and drainment and also has anticellulite effects. Its great for people who had surgery, accident or chemotherapy. Also the congestion will improve after lymphodrenage as well as better blood fluency. We do lymphomassage in a maximum professional way, we have a lot of experience with it and we could help you with your problems and guide you in your therapy. We recommend this massage at least once a month for full satisfaction. Of course, a more serious problem requires a special treatment with much more repeatings and a care that will help to heal it. It may call for a daily treatment with bandages and special emulsions. For some people lymphodrenage becomes the way to deal with their swellings and a way to keep them in an acceptable way. Its necessary to come, we can really help you.

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