What it is?

Hot lava stone massage is a very old treatment method. It was used in ancient China, India and it was also well known by tribes in America. The power of lava stones was formed in volcanic womb, from where the hot mass was ejected onto the surface of the earth and after being cooled down the treating energetic vibrations were kept in the stone for ages.

We use lava stones – basalt of volcanic origin – round shaped with smooth surface of different sizes. They are heated in special boiler to temperature 40-60 degrees Celsius and then we put it just on some parts of body or massage all the body. The skin must by well spread with a special oil to be better prepared to tolerate hot stones, which transfer all their energy and heat to body.

Helps / Improves

The heat released from stones together with an effect of our classic massage helps to relieve muscles, improve metabolism, blood circulation, calm down painful places of the body, better relieve muscle spasms and stimulate self-treating abilities of organism.

Thanks to the effect of lava stones person starts to sweat after a few minutes. By this process the body is cleared and gets rid of harmful substances. After the therapy it is very important to drink much water during the next 2-3 days.  We strongly recommend drinking mostly pure water, tea Lapacho or herbal mixtures for clearing the organism and increasing the effect of the massage.

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